“The emotion in the lyrics, tonality, right down to the careful instrumentation choices, is an evocative journey that, like the strongest undertow, will pull you in and sweep you away when you least expect it.” ~ Rocktographers.ca

Earnestness and vulnerability are two qualities not always present (or welcome) in this digital age of music. Yet true to the cover image of their newest album The West Coast, Towers and Trees have chosen to bear all and sprint headlong into those waters. From the soaring optimism of its anthems to the raw simplicity of its quieter moments, The West Coast could not plant its heart more firmly on its sleeve.

T&T lead singer/songwriter Adrian Chalifour describes it as “an album that believes in love even in the midst of losing it.” It is anchored firmly in personal experience, with stories pulled from the wreckage of loss and the rush of self-discovery that often follows. Chalifour was wrapping up a painful divorce capping off a 13-year-long chapter of his life when Towers And Trees first single Montreal landed on radio and the project found its legs. “During this incredibly heady time in my life when we were riding the wave of our first album, these heartbreaking songs would bubble to the surface in the quieter moments and I knew I wanted to honour them just as much as the songs about hope and chasing the horizon,” Chalifour says.

Rather than compartmentalizing or shying away from the duality of this narrative, Towers and Trees chose to embrace it on The West Coast, weaving a cohesive journey through love, loss and ultimately forgiveness.

The group worked with accomplished producer/engineer Alex “Condor” Aligizakis (Bend Sinister, We Hunt Buffalo) to craft a sonic landscape where every layer and lyric is placed with the kind of intention and restraint indicative of the group’s maturity. The resulting waves of sound are as dynamic and unpredictable as the album’s namesake. Soaring harmonies and thundering percussion roll into close moments of unflinching introspection.

The West Coast’s bold studio production – recorded at Electric City Sound (Victoria) and Aligizakis’s own Bird’s Nest Studio (Nanoose Bay) – stands in stark contrast to their home-recorded debut Broken Record. Yet the continuity of their key strengths – rich sound and poignant songwriting – make The West Coast feel like a fitting next step.

If Broken Record was an aperatif for fans, then The West Coast is the meal we’ve been salivating for. And you had better be hungry.” (hystericalfemaleblog)

Towers and Trees are currently touring in support of The West Coast. The album’s single “Bad Heart” has received heavy rotation on commercial radio in Victoria BC, charting at a peak position of #6 on The Zone 91.3’s Top 21 modern rock songs during Spring 2016. Their live show has been heralded as “spectacular” (Exclaim.ca) and “one of the greatest shows I have ever witnessed” (Jon Williams, the Zone). Since the surprise success of their debut EP, which earned national radio play and a spot in the 2013 PEAK Performance Project, they have amassed a steady stream of achievements that include commercial, college and CBC radio play, award nominations, licensing deals, festival bookings and sold-out shows throughout Canada.

“A true breath of fresh air that creates a sonic landscape and beautiful imagery…. watching them perform this live was an incredible experience.” (Songs in the Valley)

The West Coast - CD