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New Single: FREE

We need some road fuel for this tour! An anthem for our first trip East to CMW! So why not share the first single off our forthcoming album: a song called FREE. Turn it up as loud as you can and I hope you enjoy!

It was actually the arid hills of Kamloops, BC that first inspired this song. There’s a hard line at the edge of town where the putting green lawns of the last cul-de-sac end and the earth returns to endless scrub and sage brush. This song believes in what lies beyond the artificiality of what’s in front of us, over the last hill and past the line on the horizon. Believe it. Pursue it. Don’t stop, no turning back.

More shows with Mike Edel this week!


Spring Canadian Tour with Mike Edel!

Leg 1 Poster_web

Towers and Trees are teaming up with fellow Victoria, BC artist Mike Edel to play tour dates throughout BC, Alberta and as far as Canadian Music Week (CMW) in Toronto! The first wave of dates have been announced, with more cross-Canada dates coming soon. For  complete details, see:

3/25 – Golden, BC – The Rockwater
3/26 – Calgary, AB – The Ironwood
3/27 – Calgary, AB – The Ironwood
3/28 – Kelowna, BC – Streaming Cafe
4/8 – Duncan, BC – The Garage Showroom
4/9 – Vancouver, BC – The Biltmore
4/10 – Victoria, BC – The Roxy Theatre (Second Show Added)
4/11 – Victoria, BC – The Roxy Theatre (SOLD OUT)
4/12 – Nanaimo, BC – The Buzz

April 23-May 16 – Cross-Canada CMW Tour! (Dates TBA)


West Coast (New Song and Music Video)

We are so very proud and excited to share a brand new song and video with you: West Coast (the title track from our forthcoming album).

It was important to me that we release this song first, because it ties together what we’re trying to do sonically and thematically. This album hasn’t been easy to write or bring to life. Most of the songs come from a period of time that I’d describe as a major fault-line between two chapters in my life. Closing the book on one chapter of your journey is rarely easy, but it is an essential step towards opening the next.

For me, this song West Coast is about that moment that makes bridging the two chapters possible; that line in the sand called forgiveness, which separates what was from what may be. It’s a little tragic but it’s cathartic, and it’s what gave me the faith to believe in love, even in the midst of losing it.

West Coast is available for purchase on iTunes and our Bandcamp page. Hope you enjoy and thanks again for all your support!

<3 Adrian and the T&T Fam

One Winter’s Morning with the Watoto Children’s Choir…

How about something heartwarming to chase away those winter chills? I’m thinking about that time we spent an inspiring, smile-filled morning with the amazing kids of the Watoto Children’s Choir from Uganda. Their journey through life has been anything but easy – each of the children in the choir has suffered the loss of one or both of their parents through war or disease – and yet any one of us can attest to the warm, radiant joy that filled the St. Ann’s auditorium when they arrived.

It’s beyond me where and how they continue to find such jubilant spirit, and so instead I just stood back and was humbled, honoured and awe-struck by it. How cool to see the very children whose lives have been transformed by Canadian sponsors and supporters of Watoto, in turn come to our part of the world and impact lives here. Enjoy :)

(song starts at 2:35)

11,350 Reasons Why #YouAreAmazing

Kickstarter Thank You Pic

#YouAreAmazing. On October 10, we waded into the world of crowdfunding by launching our first Kickstarter campaign, looking for $4,500 to help us finish and release our forthcoming LP the West Coast.

#TippingPoint. The next morning, I woke up to my phone buzzing off the hook. It was our band chat. In less than 12 hours, we had already surpassed 100% of our funding target! Over the next month, we watched that number climb higher: 150%, 200%, 250%… ultimately closing at 252% of our original goal for a total of $11,350!

#GameChanger. It would be tough to overstate just how much this means to us. Beyond opening doors to finish the album and get it out into the world, just as importantly for me it brings new confidence and peace of mind. Like our video says, “I’m all in on this album, we’re all in,” and not just creatively. This album is also a fairly large, complex and pricy business endeavour. Honestly, it hasn’t always been easy to stay focused on the creative while constantly keeping one eye on the bank and the budget. But this money gives us that freedom to shake the worry of our back and fully lean into making the album of our lives. And that, my friends, is priceless.

#QuidProQuo. In exchange, we also have our work cut out for us. Our 113 backers have lots of great loot coming their way:

  • 113 free downloads of our first single.
  • 22 album digital downloads
  • 65 signed CDs
  • 23 signed vinyls
  • 22 tee shirts
  • 15 tickets to our exclusive pre-release listening party in Victoria
  • 1 piano lesson from Ben
  • 4 brand new, original songs written by Adrian
  • 5 private house shows where we will personally prepare a home-cooked dinner for our hosts beforehand.

#THANKYOU. To everyone who helped make this happen, either by pledging or simply by spreading the word. It means the world to us, honestly.

The West Coast LP Teaser Video and Kickstarter Campaign


What better weekend than ‪#‎Thanksgiving‬ to share a bit about what we’ve been working so hard in the studio on? Friends, allow me to introduce you to the West Coast LP, our current obsession. I am so thankful to be creating this record with some of the most gifted people I know. I’m also thankful that we have been able to fund 90% of our recording costs ourselves because of the support you’ve shown us this past year! We’re releasing this teaser video along with a small Kickstarter campaign to give us one last push to the finish line. We’re asking for $4,500 over the next 30 days to help finish and release the album. This is our homestretch. ‪#‎ThisIsTheWestCoast‬

Please visit our Kickstarter campaign website and consider pledging your support to help us finish and release this album!

PS – Our deepest and sincerest thanks to Daniel Pender (, the ridiculously talented man who produced the teaser video for us.

Much love   
– Adrian and the T&T Family


The studio isn’t just about creation. It’s also a refiner’s fire. It is where you set the immovable bar. There were two wildcard songs left on this album when we entered studio, and today was decision day. How do you decide a song’s fate? First you explore. You pour your time into giving that song the best chance possible. It is innocent until proven guilty. You discuss, debate, agree, disagree and hug it out. You manufacture friction in hopes of creating a spark, because in the end, spark wins. Today, one song failed to spark and fell by the wayside. The other burst into flames and drew us like moths into the wee hours of the morning. The journey continues. #StudioLife#StudioLove

Studio 01